Numbers 15:25

Numbers 15:25

And the priest shall make an atonement for all the
congregation of the children of Israel;
&c.] By offering a sin offering for them, a type of Christ, the propitiation not only for the sins of the people among the Jews, but throughout the whole world, ( 1 John 2:2 ) ;

and it shall be forgiven them;
as the sins of the Lord's people are forgiven them through the blood of Christ, and on account of his stoning sacrifice and satisfaction made for them:

for it [is] ignorance;
a sin of ignorance, for which reason Christ pleads for pardon on the foot of his sacrifice, and his people receive it, ( Luke 23:34 ) ( 1 Timothy 1:13 ) ; for that this sin was forgiven on the score of a sacrifice appears by what follows:

and they shall bring their offering, a sacrifice made by fire unto the
the bullock for the burnt offering:

and their sin offering before the Lord, for their ignorance;
a kid of the goats.

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