Numbers 22:1

Numbers 22:1

And the children of Israel set forward
From the country of Bashan, where we read of them last, after they had conquered Og the king of it, and also Sihon king of the Amorites, and settled some of their tribes in both kingdoms; the particular place from whence they came hither, according to the account of their journeys, were the mountains of Abarim, ( Numbers 33:48 ) :

and pitched in the plains of Moab
the part of them they encamped in reached from Bethjesimoth to Abelshittim, ( Numbers 33:49 ) ,

on this side Jordan by Jericho;
or Jordan of Jericho, as the Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan; a river that flowed near to Jericho, running between the plains of Moab and the plains of Jericho; according to Josephus F21 it was sixty furlongs, or seven miles and a half from Jericho; but, according to Jerome F23, it was but five miles: or rather, as some versions render it, "over against Jericho" F24; for Jericho was on the other side of the river Jordan, and the plains of Moab, or that part of them where Israel now pitched, were right against that city; and so Josephus says F25.


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