Numbers 28:31

Numbers 28:31

And ye shall offer them besides the continual burnt offering,
and his meat offering
The daily sacrifice of the morning and evening, so often mentioned in this chapter, and so frequently inculcated as not to be omitted, either in the weekly, monthly, or anniversary festivals; it being so necessary a sacrifice, and so eminent a type of the great sacrifice of the Messiah:

they shall be unto you without blemish, and their drink offerings;
the flour, of which the meat offerings were made, was to be pure and clean, and free from vermin; and the wine for the drink offering was not to be palled, and dead, and dreggy: of the former, it is said in the Misnah {l},

``the treasurer puts his hand into it (the flour); if there comes any dust with it,''

it is rejected; if it produces worms, it is rejected: this, the commentators say F13, is to be understood, if the greatest part of it is such; and with respect to the latter, Jarchi says, our Rabbins learn from hence (this passage of Scripture) that wine in which flour rises (or a dregginess like flour) it is unfit for drink offerings, for they should be perfect: this denotes the purity of Christ, the bread of life, and his spotless and perfect sacrifice, when his soul was poured out unto death.


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