Numbers 3:36

Numbers 3:36

And [under] the custody and charge of the sons of Merari
[shall be] the boards of the tabernacle
Both of the holy and the most holy place, which were the walls of the tabernacle, and which were covered with curtains; these when taken down for journeying were committed to the care of the Merarites; and because these, with what, follow, were a heavy carriage, they were allowed wagons to carry them; and who on this account had more wagons given them than to the Gershonites, for the Kohathites had none, ( Numbers 7:6-9 ) ;

and the bars thereof;
which kept the boards tight and close, see ( Exodus 26:26 ) ;

and the pillars thereof;
the pillars on which the vail was hung, that divided between the holy and most holy place, and, on which the hanging was put for the door of the vail, ( Exodus 26:32 Exodus 26:37 ) ;

and the sockets thereof;
in which both the boards and pillars were put, ( Exodus 26:19 Exodus 26:32 Exodus 26:37 ) .

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