Numbers 31:50

Numbers 31:50

We have therefore brought an oblation to the Lord
A freewill offering, out of the spoil, over and above the tribute levied out of the half that came unto them;

what every man hath gotten:
or "found" F6, in the houses, and upon the bodies of the slain, or of such that were taken captives:

of jewels of gold
either such as were set in gold; or rather, as the words may be rendered,

vessels of gold
F7, as dishes, cups, spoons, and the like:

which were wore about the neck, or upon the arm, as Aben Ezra:

and bracelets;
for the hand, as the same writer, see ( Genesis 24:22 Genesis 24:30 ) ,

for the finger:

ear rings;
for the ear, as we render it, the word signifies something round:

and tablets;
which, according to the Targum of Jonathan, were ornaments that hung down between the breasts:

to make an atonement for our souls before the Lord;
not only this offering was brought as a token of gratitude and thankfulness, for sparing of everyone of their lives, and giving them such success and victory, and so large a spoil of the enemy; but also to expiate any sins they had been guilty of in going out, and coming in, and particularly for sparing the women they should have put to death, for which Moses was wroth with them, ( Numbers 31:14 ) .


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