Numbers 4:26

Numbers 4:26

And the hangings of the court
Which made the great court that surrounded the tabernacle, ( Exodus 27:9 ) ;

and the hanging for the door of the gate of the court;
the eastern gate that led into the court, an hanging of twenty cubits, ( Exodus 27:16 ) ;

which [is] by the tabernacle, and by the altar round about;
that is, which hangings that formed the court, and were round about the tabernacle, and the altar of burnt offering; (See Gill on Exodus 26:36);

and their cords;
which fastened the hangings to pins or stakes fixed in the ground to keep them tight, that they might not be moved to and fro with the wind:

and all the instruments of their service;
in the court, as the tables on which the sacrifices were laid, and the hooks, and cords, and pins, on which they were hung and fastened, as Aben Ezra; see ( Ezekiel 40:39-43 ) ;

and all that is made for them;
for the vessels of service, or for the tabernacle, or the altar, as the same writer intimates:

so shall they serve;
by bearing them and carrying them.

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