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Numbers 5:10

Numbers 5:10

And every man's hallowed things shall be his
Which he, by a vow or freewill offering, separates to holy uses; these are at his own dispose, to give to what priest he will, or they are the priest's; for what a man devotes to the Lord is to be given to them, or such things as God has hallowed, sanctified, and set apart for sacred uses, as the firstfruits and tithes, they were the priests'; the Jewish writers F9 restrain it to tithes:

whatsoever any man giveth the priest, it shall be his;
his personally, who officiates, or to whom the gift is given, and is not to be divided among the other priests in the course.


F9 Targ. Jon. Siphri & Midrash in Jarchi in loc.
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