Numbers 7:13

Numbers 7:13

And his offering [was] one silver charger
Or dish, like one of those used in the shewbread table to hold the bread in, only they were of gold, this of silver, and belonged to the altar of burnt offering; the use of which might be to hold the meat offering in, as it may seem from the latter part of the verse, or the wave breast or heave shoulder, which belonged to the priest:

the weight thereof [was] an hundred and thirty [shekels];
which were sixty one ounces, four drachms, one scruple, and seventeen grains F8, worth about sixteen pounds and five shillings of our money;

one silver bowl of seventy shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary;
the standard that was kept in the sanctuary; this was a lesser vessel, and was either for holding the drink offering, or receiving the blood of the sacrifices; its weight was thirty three ounces, five drachms, and three grains, and was worth about eight pounds and fifteen shillings of our money:

both of them [were] full of fine flour mingled with oil for a meat
which always attended other sacrifices after mentioned, part of which was burnt on the altar of burnt offering, and the rest were the perquisites of the priests.


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