Psalms 118:7

Psalms 118:7

The Lord taketh my part with them that help me
With the four hundred men that were with David, and stood by him in his troubles, ( 1 Samuel 22:2 ) ; see ( Psalms 54:4 ) ; and with those who ministered unto Christ as man, ( Luke 8:3 ) . Or, "the Lord [is] for me, with" or "among my helpers" F20; he is the principal helper, he is one for all; he is in the room and stead of other helpers; having him, there is no need of any other: the Lord is the only helper of his people, vain is the help of man; he helps them out of all their troubles and difficulties, in the exercise of every grace, and in the discharge of every duty; he helps them to all their mercies temporal and spiritual, to grace here, and glory hereafter. The Targum is,

``the Word of the Lord is to help me;''

therefore shall I see [my desire] upon them that hate me;
see "vengeance" on them, as the Targum; which was desired by David, by the Messiah, and by the saints; not for the sake of that itself, but for the glory of divine justice. David saw this, ( Psalms 54:7 ) ; so will the Messiah, when all his enemies, that will not have him to reign over them, will be slain before him; and so will the people of God, when antichrist is destroyed.


F20 (yrzeb yl) "pro me est cum iis qui auxiliantur mihi", Vatablus; so Cocceius, Gejerus.
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