\\INTRODUCTION TO PSALM 132\\ \\<>\\. Some think this psalm was written by Solomon, since \\#Ps 132:8,10\\, are much the same with which he concluded his prayer at the dedication of the temple, \\#2Ch 6:41,42\\; on account of which it is supposed to be written; though he might borrow these words from hence, as he sometimes did recite the words of his father, \\#Pr 4:4,5\\. Others are of opinion that it was written by David, either when he brought the ark from Baale or Kirjathjearim to the house of Obededom, and from thence to Zion, \\#2Sa 6:1-23\\; or when he had that conversation with Nathan the prophet, in which he expressed such a strong desire to build a house for God, \\#2Sa 7:1-17\\; or, as Aben Ezra and Kimchi think, after he had numbered the people, which brought the pestilence on them; and when he and the elders of Israel were in distress on that account, and he was ordered to build an altar in the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite, \\#1Ch 21:18\\; by which it appeared to him that this was the place for the house of the Lord God he had been so desirous of building, \\#1Ch 22:1\\. It seems by \\#Ps 132:6,7\\, that more persons than one were concerned in this psalm, at least the psalmist represents more; and Theodoret takes it to be a prayer of the captives in Babylon, and a prophecy of the Saviour of the world; and this is favoured by the Syriac inscription, which is, ``an anonymous psalm, when they would build the house of the Lord of hosts; and a prayer of David, and a revelation of Christ.'' And certain it is that Christ is spoken of in it, if not principally designed.