This psalm is thought to be written by David, and according to
Theodoret predicts the return of the Jews from Babylon, and the
rebuilding of Jerusalem by Zerubbabel, which seems to be grounded on
\\#Ps 147:2\\; though the words there agree well enough with the times of
David; hence the title in the Septuagint, Ethiopic, Arabic, and Syriac
versions, and Apollinarius, is as the preceding; the Syriac adds,

``concerning Zerubbabel and Joshua the priest, and Ezra, who
were solicitous and diligent in building Jerusalem.''

Aben Ezra and other Jewish writers think it foretells the future
rebuilding of Jerusalem, and the restoration of the Jews from their
present captivity, and refer it to the times of the Messiah; and so far
it may be right, that it respects Christ and the praise of him, on
account of his nature and works; and may take in the conversion of the
Jews. It seems to be written by the same person, and on the same
account, as the preceding psalm.