Psalms 24:8

Psalms 24:8

Who [is] this King of glory?
&c.] Which question is put by the church, or particular believers; not through ignorance, as the daughters of Jerusalem, ( Song of Solomon 5:9 ) ; or the Pharisees, when Christ made his public entrance into Jerusalem, ( Matthew 21:10 ) ; much less in pride and haughtiness, in scorn and derision, as Pharaoh, ( Exodus 5:1 ) ; and the Capernaites, ( John 6:42 ) ; but as wondering at the glories and excellencies of his person, and as desirous of knowing more of him. The answer to the question is,

the Lord strong and mighty:
he whose name alone is Jehovah; the most high in all the earth; the everlasting I AM; Jehovah our righteousness; the mighty God, even the Almighty; the Son of Man, whom God has made strong for himself: his strength and might have been seen in the creation of all things out of nothing, in upholding all things by his power, in the redemption of his people, in the resurrection of himself, in dispossessing the strong man armed out of the hearts of his chosen ones, in the government of his church, and the care of all his saints, and in keeping them from a final and total falling away. From the first of these words, which is only here used, Mars, because of his strength, has the name of Azizus; which name of his Julian F15 makes mention of; and very probably Hesus, also a deity of the ancient Gauls, spoken of by the poet F16, and by Lactantius F17; but to none does it belong as to our Jehovah;

the Lord mighty in battle;
as he was when he was up on the cross; when he made an end of sin, spoiled principalities and powers; abolished death, and destroyed him that had the power of it; and as he will be at the last day, when the kings of the earth shall make war with him, and he shall overcome them; when the beast and false prophet shall be taken, and cast alive into the lake of fire; and the remnant shall be slain with the sword of his mouth; see ( Revelation 17:14 ) ( 19:11-21 ) ; and who is now the Captain of salvation to his people, their Leader and Commander; who furnishes them with weapons of warfare, which are mighty through God; who teaches their hands to war, and their fingers to fight the good fight of faith; and makes them more than conquerors, through himself, that has loved them.


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