Psalms 33:13

Psalms 33:13

The Lord looketh from heaven
Where his throne and temple are, upon the earth and men, and things in it, as follows;

he beholdeth all the sons of men;
the evil and the good; which is contrary to the sense of many wicked men, who imagine he takes no notice of what is done here below; but his eye is upon all, upon all the workers of iniquity, how secret soever they may be; and not only his eye of Providence is upon good men, but his eye of love, grace, and mercy; and he has a special and distinct knowledge of them: agreeably to this are some expressions of Heathen writers; says one F5,

``the eye of God sees all things;''

says another F6,

``there is a great God in heaven who sees all things, and governs.''


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