Psalms 49:18

Psalms 49:18

Though while he lived he blessed his soul
Praised and extolled himself on account of his acquisitions and merit; or proclaimed himself a happy man, because of his wealth and riches; or foolishly flattered himself with peace, prosperity, and length of days, and even with honour and glory after death;

and [men] will praise thee, when thou doest well to thyself;
or "but


F11 men will praise thee" both rich and poor, all wise men; when, as the Jewish interpreters F12 generally explain the word, a man regards true wisdom and religion, and is concerned for the welfare of his soul more than that of his body; or "when thou thyself doest well": that is, to others, doing acts of beneficence, communicating to the necessities of the poor; or rather, "when thou doest well to thyself", by enjoying the good things of life, taking his portion, eating the fruit of his labour, which is good and comely; see ( Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 ) ( Ecclesiastes 6:1 Ecclesiastes 6:2 ) ( 11:9 ) .

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