Psalms 55:2

Psalms 55:2

Attend unto me, and hear me
So as to answer, and that immediately and directly, his case requiring present help;

I mourn in my complaint;
or "in my meditation" F16; solitary thoughts, and melancholy views of things. Saints have their complaints, on account of their sins and corruptions, their barrenness and unfruitfulness, and the decay of vital religion in them; and because of the low estate of Zion, the declining state of the interest of Christ, and the little success of his Gospel; and they mourn, in these complaints, over their own sins, and the sins of others, professors and profane, and under afflictions temporal and spiritual, both their own and the church's. Christ also, in the days of his flesh, had his complaints of the perverseness and faithlessness of the generation of men among whom he lived; of the frowardness, pride and contentions of his disciples; of the reproaches, insult, and injuries of his enemies; and of the dereliction of his God and Father; and he often mourned on account of one or other of these things, being a man of sorrows and acquainted with griefs;

and make a noise;
not only with sighs and groans, but in so loud a manner as to be called roaring; see ( Psalms 22:1 ) ( 38:8 ) .


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