Psalms 55:21

Psalms 55:21

[The words] of his mouth were smoother than butter
Such were the words of Ahithophel, when in counsel with David; and such the words of Judas, when he said to Christ, "hail, master", and kissed him, ( Matthew 26:49 ) ;

but war [was] in his heart;
even a civil war, rebellion against his prince; that was what Ahithophel meditated in his heart; and nothing less than to take away the life of Christ was designed by Judas. The words may be rendered, "they were divided" F5; that is, his mouth and his heart: "his mouth [was] butter, and his heart war"; the one declared for peace, when the other intended war; see ( Jeremiah 9:8 ) ;

his words were softer than oil;
at one time full of soothing and flattery:

yet [were] they drawn swords:
at another time sharp and cutting, breathing out threatening and slaughter, destruction and death.


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