Psalms 75:4

Psalms 75:4

I said unto the fools
To the vain gloriosos, proud boasters, mockers, and scoffers at the day of judgment, and burning of the world:

deal not foolishly;
by glorying in themselves, boasting of their riches, and trusting in them; singing a requiem to themselves on account of their abundance, and by putting away the evil day far from them:

and to the wicked, lift not up the horn;
of power, grandeur, and wealth, and use it to the injury of others; or be so elated with it as to look with disdain on others; or imagine they shall always continue in this exalted state, as antichrist the horned beast does, ( Revelation 18:7 ) , the allusion is to horned beasts, particularly harts, which lift up their heads and horns in great pride F16: the phrase signifies to behave proudly and haughtily.


F16 Vid. "Suidam in voce" (ekepoutiav) .