Psalms 78:51

Psalms 78:51

And smote all the firstborn in Egypt
From the prince to the peasant; and not only the firstborn of men, but of beasts also, ( Exodus 12:29 ) ,

the chief of their strength;
or first of it, as the firstborn is called, ( Genesis 49:3 ) ,

in the tabernacles of Ham;
in the several cities, towns, villages, and houses of the Egyptians, the descendants of cursed Ham; for Mizraim, from whom the Egyptians have their name, and from whence they sprung, was a son of Ham's, ( Genesis 10:6 ) . Perhaps No Ammon may be particularly meant, ( Nahum 3:8 ) , the same with Memphis, and which signifies the mansion or palace of Ammon, that is, Ham; and so Chemmis, another city in Egypt, signifies the same F14; of which see ( Psalms 105:23 ) this was the tenth and last plague: according to Suidas F15, the plagues of Egypt continued forty days.


F14 Dickinson Delph. Phoeniciz. cap. 4.
F15 In voce (aiguptou) .