Psalms 83:10

Psalms 83:10

Which perished at Endor
Aben Ezra and Kimchi understand this of the Midianites; but rather it is to be understood of Jabin and Sisera, and the army under them, who perished at this place, which is mentioned along with Taanach and Megiddo, ( Joshua 17:11 ) , which are the very places where the battle was fought between Jabin and Israel, ( Judges 5:19 ) according to Jerom F9, it was four miles from Mount Tabor to the south, and was a large village in his days, and was near to Nain, the place where Christ raised the widow's son from the dead, ( Luke 7:11 ) ( 1 Samuel 28:7 )

they became as dung for the earth;
being unburied, they lay and rotted on the earth, and became dung for it; see ( Jeremiah 8:2 ) , or were trodden under foot, as dung upon the earth; so the Targum,

``they became as dung trodden to the earth.''


F9 De locis Hebraicis, fol. 88. L. and 91. E.
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