Psalms 89:13

Psalms 89:13

Thou hast a mighty arm
Christ is the arm of the Lord, and a mighty one he is, and so is the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation; here it seems to design the almighty power of God, displayed in the works of creation and providence; see ( Isaiah 51:9 ) ( 53:1 )

strong is thy hand;
thy "left hand", as some, it being distinguished from his right hand, mentioned in the next clause; the Targum adds,

``to redeem thy people;''

the work of redemption was put into the hand of Christ, and it prospered in his hand, and his own arm brought salvation to him; and his hand is strong to keep and preserve his people, where they are put, and where they are safe; and the hand of the Lord is strong to correct and chastise them, and sometimes his hand lies heavy upon them, and presses them sore, when it becomes them to humble themselves under his "mighty hand": and it also strong to punish his and their enemies:

and high is thy right hand;
when it is lifted up in a way of judgment against wicked men, and for the defence of his people, then may it be said to be exalted: and it is high enough to reach the highest and most powerful of his adversaries; see ( Psalms 118:16 ) ( Isaiah 26:11 ) ( Micah 5:9 ) . The Targum adds,

``to build the house of thy sanctuary.''

Some render F3 these two last clauses as a wish or prayer; "let thy hand be strong, and let thy right hand be lifted up".


F3 So Paginus, Montana, and V. L.