Psalms 89:44

Psalms 89:44

Thou hast made his glory to cease
The glory of his deity, though it did not properly cease, yet it seemed to do so, being covered, and out of sight, and seen but by a very few, while he appeared in the likeness of sinful flesh; and the glory of his humanity was made to cease, in which he was fairer than the children of men, and his visage was more marred than any man's, and his form than the sons of men; and the glory of his offices, prophetical, priestly, and kingly, which were reproached and vilified, and disputed and contradicted by the Jews, ( Matthew 26:68 ) ( 27:42 ) , it may be rendered, "his purity" F2, which seemed to cease when he was clothed with our filthy garments; or had all our sins laid upon him, and imputed to him, by his Father; and he was made sin for us, who knew none: the Targum is,

``thou hast made the priests to cease who sprinkle upon the altar, and purify his people:''

and cast his throne down to the ground; this seems contrary, and is an objection to ( Psalms 89:29 Psalms 89:36 ) , but is not; for not withstanding the usage of Christ by the Jews, who rejected him as the King Messiah, (See Gill on Psalms 89:39), yet he is now upon the same throne with his Father, and will sit upon a throne of glory when he comes to judge the world, and so in the New Jerusalem church state, and to all eternity.


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