Some, as Jarchi and others, think this psalm was written by Moses;
others, with greater probability, assign it to David; as do the
Septuagint, Vulgate Latin, and all the Oriental versions; and which
all but the Syriac version say it was composed to be sung on the
fourth day of the week, on which day the Talmudists say it was sung;
see the argument of the preceding psalm. This psalm and others, that
go before and follow, are without any title in the Hebrew Bible: the
title of it in the Syriac version is,

``a Psalm of David, concerning the company of Korah, Dathan,
and Abiram; but spiritually, concerning the persecution
against the church;''

not of the oppression of the Israelites in Egypt, as some; nor of the
Jews in their present exile, as Kimchi; but rather of the people of God
under the tyranny of antichrist; who are represented as complaining of
his insults and cruelty, and as comforting themselves in the hopes of
deliverance, and in the view of his destruction.