This psalm was written by David, as appears from \\#1Ch 16:7,23\\ to
whom it is ascribed by the Septuagint, Vulgate Latin, and all the
Oriental versions. This and part of Psalm 105 were first composed and
sung at the bringing of the ark from the house of Obededom to the city
of David; and here it is detached from that with a new introduction to
it, and applied to the times and kingdom of the Messiah, and; with
great propriety, since the ark was an eminent type of him. The
inscription in the Syriac version is,

``a Psalm of David, a Prophecy of the coming of the Messiah,
and of the calling of the Gentiles that believe in him:''

and very rightly, since express mention is made of them in it, and of
the publication of the Gospel among them; and clear reference is had to
Christ, who is the Jehovah all along spoken of Jarchi well observes,
that wherever a "new song" is mentioned, it is to be understood of
future time, or the times of the Messiah; and the end of the psalm
shows it,

\\he cometh to judge\\