This chapter contains a vision of an angel of a wonderful
appearance, the voices of the seven thunders, and an order to John
to take the book in the hand of the angel, eat it, and prophesy. The
angel is described by his strength, a mighty one; by his descent
from heaven; by his attire, being clothed with a cloud; by a rainbow
on his head; by his face being like the sun; by his feet, which were
as pillars of fire, the one foot set on the sea, and the other on
the earth; by having a little book open in his hand, and by the loud
cry he made, like the roaring of a lion, \\#Re 10:1-3\\, upon which
seven thunders uttered their voices, which John was going to write,
but was forbid, \\#Re 10:4\\; next follows a solemn oath of the angers;
the gesture he used, lifting up his hand to heaven; the person by
whom he swore, the living God; what he swore to, that time should be
no more, and that the mystery of God would be finished at the
beginning of the seventh trumpet, \\#Re 10:5-7\\; then several orders
are given to John, as to take the open book in the hand of the
angel, which he did, to eat it, as he accordingly did; when he found
it to be as it was told him it would be, namely, sweet in his mouth,
but bitter in his belly; and then to prophesy again before people,
nations, tongues, and kings, \\#Re 10:8-11\\.