This chapter contains the order to measure the temple of God; an
account of the two witnesses, their prophesying: and power, their
slaying, resurrection, and ascension to heaven, with what followed
upon it; and the sounding of the seventh trumpet, and the effects of
that. A measuring rod is given to John, with an order to rise and
measure the temple, altar, and worshippers, and to leave out the
outer court, which was to be given to the Gentiles, who tread the
holy city under foot forty and two months, \\#Re 11:1,2\\, the same
date with the 1260 days the witnesses prophesy in sackcloth, \\#Re 11:3\\,
who are compared to two olive trees and to two candlesticks, and
are said to stand before God, \\#Re 11:4\\, and who are further
described by their power to destroy those that hurt them with fire
that proceeds out of their mouths; to shut the heaven, that it rain
not during their prophecy; to turn water into blood, and smite the
earth with all manner of plagues at pleasure, \\#Re 11:5,6\\; but when
the time of their prophecy and testimony is expired, their enemies
will have the advantage of them; the antichristian beast of Rome,
described by the place of his ascent, the bottomless pit, will fight
against them, overcome, and kill them; their dead bodies will be
exposed publicly within the Roman jurisdiction, and not suffered to
be interred; and their enemies will make a public and general
rejoicing over them, \\#Re 11:7-10\\; but after a short space of time
they will revive, and stand upon their feet, to the surprise of all
spectators; and being invited by a voice from heaven, will ascend
thither, in the sight of their enemies; upon which will be an
earthquake, in which the tenth part of the city of Rome will fall,
and seven thousand men be slain; which will cause consternation in
the rest, and put them upon giving glory to God, \\#Re 11:11-13\\; and
this will put an end to the second woe, and the third will quickly
follow, \\#Re 11:14\\, which is the sounding of the seventh trumpet; the
effects of which are, voices heard in heaven, declaring that the
kingdoms of the world are become Christ's, and that he shall reign
for ever and ever, \\#Re 11:15\\; upon which the four and twenty elders,
that sat on their seats before God, congratulate him, worship, and
give thanks unto him, at the Lord God Almighty and eternal; partly
because of his visible power and kingdom he now takes to himself;
and partly because the time of avenging his people that had suffered
for him upon the nations, which makes them angry, was now come; as
also because now would be given rewards to all his prophets, saints,
and those that feared him, as well as antichrist and his followers
would be destroyed, \\#Re 11:16-18\\; and other effects of this trumpet
are, the opening of the temple of God in heaven, a sight of the ark
of the testament, lightnings, voices, thunderings, an earthquake,
and great hail, \\#Re 11:9\\.

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