Revelation 16:5

Revelation 16:5

And I heard the angel of the waters say
So we read in Jewish writings F20 of an angel that was (amyd arv) , "the prince of the sea", and of angels that were over the waters, and others over fire F21; though here is designed not one of the (Mym ykalm) "angels of the water", that presided ove the waters, as another over fire; (See Gill on Revelation 14:18), but the third angel that poured out his vial upon the waters; when he had so done, he said as follows. Dr. Lightfoot thinks, and that not without reason, that since these angels appeared in the garb of priests, ( Revelation 15:6 ) and since there was a priest appointed to take care of the wells, and fountains, and ditches about Jerusalem, that the people might have water at the feasts F23, there is an allusion to him; and certain it is that there was such an officer; there was one Nechoniah, who was over the fountains and ditches F24; and in the same office was Nicodemon ben Gorion F25, thought to be the Nicodemus mentioned in the New Testament.

Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shall be:
which may be understood either of God the Father, who had power over these plagues, ( Revelation 16:9 ) and sent them; or of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all, and is righteous in all his ways and works, in all his judgments on antichrist, and is the eternal "I AM", which is, and was, and shall be; see ( Revelation 1:8 ) . The Alexandrian copy, and most others, and the Vulgate Latin and Syriac versions, read "holy", instead of "shalt be"; for the purity and holiness of Christ will be seen in the judgments which he will exercise, as follows:

because thou hast judged thus;
or "these things"; or "them", as the Ethiopic version reads; that is, has brought these judgments upon the men signified by rivers and fountains, and made great havoc and slaughter of them, expressed by their becoming blood; the justice of which appears from the following reason.


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