This chapter contains the vision of the opening six of the seals of
the sealed book, by the Lamb, and of the events following thereupon.
The preparation to the vision of the first seal is in \\#Re 6:1\\; the
Lamb opens it, John hears a noise like thunder, and one of the
living creatures bids him come and see; upon which he saw a horse,
of a white colour, and a rider on it, who is described by a bow and
crown given him, and by the victory he obtained, \\#Re 6:2\\; at the
opening of the second seal, the second living creature invites him
as before; and he sees a horse, of a red colour, with a rider on it,
described by his power, to take peace from the earth, and suffer men
to kill one another, and by a great sword given him, \\#Re 6:3,4\\; at
the opening of the third seal, the third living creature addresses
him in like manner as the other; and he sees a horse, of a black
colour, and a rider on it, with a pair of balances in his hands; and
hears a voice from among the four living creatures, expressing
dearness of provisions, and a charge not to hurt the oil and wine,
\\#Re 6:5,6\\; at the opening of the fourth seal, the fourth living
creature speaks to John, as the rest; and he sees a horse, of a pale
colour, and a rider on it, described by his name, Death, by his
follower, hell, or the grave, and by his power to destroy a fourth
part of the earth with the sword, famine, pestilence, and wild
beasts, \\#Re 6:7,8\\; at the opening of the fifth seal, John saw the
souls of the martyrs, under the altar; hears their cry for
vengeance; observes that white robes were given them, and that they
were bid to be quiet until the slaying and suffering time of their
brethren was over, \\#Re 6:9-11\\; at the opening of the sixth seal
follow an earthquake, strange changes in the heavens, the sun
becomes black as sackcloth, the moon becomes as blood, the stars
fall, and the heaven itself departs, and every island and mountain
are moved out of their places, \\#Re 6:12-14\\, the kings and great
men of the earth, and even all sorts, of men, upon this, fly to the
rocks and mountains to hide them from the face of God the Father,
that sits upon the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, the
opener of the sealed book; giving this as a reason for it, that the
time of his great wrath was come, and none could stand before him,
\\#Re 6:15-17\\.