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Ruth 1:12

Ruth 1:12

Turn again, my daughters, go your way
This she repeated still to try their affections to her, and especially whether there was any real love to the God of Israel, his people, and worship, but still proceeds upon the same topic:

for I am too old to have an husband;
and can never think of marrying again on account of age, nor can you surely ever think I should, at these years I am now arrived to:

if I should say I have hope;
of marrying, and bearing children; suppose that:

if I should have a husband also tonight;
be married to a man directly, suppose that:

and should also bear sons;
conceive and bear, not female but male children, allow that; all which are mere suppositions, and, could they be admitted, would not furnish out any reason why you should be desirous of going with me.

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