Ruth 1:14

Ruth 1:14

And they lifted up their voice, and wept again
Not being able to bear the thought of parting, or that they must be obliged to it:

and Orpah kissed her mother in law;
gave her the parting kiss, as the Jews F5 call it; and which was used by other people F6; but not without affection to her, and took her leave of her, as her kiss testified, since it must be so; and being moved by her reasons, and having a greater inclination to her own country than Ruth had; of the kiss at parting, see ( Genesis 31:28 ) ( 1 Kings 19:20 )

but Ruth clave unto her;
hung about her, would not part from her, but cleaved unto her in body and mind; forsaking her own people, and her father's house; neither the thought of them, nor of her native country, nor of not having an husband, or any likelihood of it, nor of poverty and distress, had any manner of influence upon her, but determined she was to go and abide with her.


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