In this chapter the prophet exhorts the Jews to repentance; and
foretells the destruction of several neighbouring nations. The body of
the people of the Jews in general are first called upon to gather
together and humble themselves, who were a people neither desirable,
nor deserving of the favours of God, nor desirous of them, \\#Zep 2:1\\
and to this they are pressed, from the consideration of God's decree of
vengeance being ready to bring forth and break forth upon them,
\\#Zep 2:2\\ and then the few godly among them are exhorted to seek the
Lord, and what is agreeable to him; since there was at least a
probability of their being protected by him in a time of general
calamity, \\#Zep 2:3\\ and that the destruction of this people might
appear the more certain, and that they might have no dependence on
their neighbours, the prophet proceeds to predict the ruin of several
of them, particularly the Philistines; several places belonging to them
are by name mentioned, and the whole land threatened with desolation;
the maritime part of it to be only inhabited by shepherds and their
flocks; and afterwards the coast possessed by the Jews, on their return
from their captivity, \\#Zep 2:4-7\\. Next the Moabites and Ammonites
are prophesied of; whose destruction should come upon them for their
pride, and for their contempt and reviling of the people of God; and
which should be like that of Sodom and Gomorrah; and would issue in the
abolition of idolatry, and the setting up of the worship of God in
their country, and elsewhere, \\#Zep 2:8-11\\. As for the Ethiopians,
they should be slain with the sword, \\#Zep 2:12\\ and the whole
monarchy of Assyria, with Nineveh the metropolis of it, should be
utterly laid waste, and become a desolation, and a wilderness; and the
habitation, not only of flocks, but of beasts and birds of prey,
\\#Zep 2:13-15\\.