PLUS Resource: 6 Prayers for When You Are Fighting Anxiety

1 Peter 4

SUMMARY.--Christ Having Died for Us, We Should Live for Christ. Watchfulness in View of the Speedy End. The Trials of the Saints. Suffering as Christians.

      12-14. The fiery trials. Persecution. As though a strange thing. Christians, with the world against them, must expect to endure such things. 13. Rejoice. Because thus you are made partakers of Christ's sufferings. See notes on Rom. 8:17, and 2 Cor. 1:7 . At the revelation of his glory. All who suffer with him will be glorified. 14. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ. Because you are a Christian. Because the spirit of glory. Spirit is not found in the Greek. The idea is, that the sufferer for Christ is happy because the glory of Christ awaits him, and God's spirit is with him.

      15-19. Let none of you suffer as a murderer. As an evil doer. 16. If any man suffer as a Christian. This name was now widely known, and good men suffered only because they were Christians. 17. The time for judgment is come. it begins at the house of God, the church. In Matt., chapter 25 , the righteous are judged first. If it begin first at us. If even the righteous are called to judgment, what shall be the fate of the disobedient? 18. And if the righteous. A passage quoted from Prov. 11:31 . The idea is that if sufferings and judgments (chastenings) come upon good people, what hope is there for the wicked? 19. Wherefore let them also that suffer. Let all who suffer, not for evil doing but for righteousness sake, keep on in well doing and commit their souls to the care of the all seeing and faithful God.

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