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3 John 1

SUMMARY.--Gaius Commended. His Hospitality. His Treatment of Visiting Brethren. The Wicked Conduct of Diotrephes. The Good Report of Demetrius. Benediction.

      9-12. I wrote somewhat unto the church. Of which Gaius was a member. The letter referred to is not extant. But Diotrephes. This man is not elsewhere named. He was evidently an ambitious and unscrupulous church official, who rebelled against the apostle's authority (receiveth us not), and who refused to heed the letter. The letter may have been sent by those whom Gaius entertained.

      13, 14. I had many things to write. These verses correspond with the 2 John 1:12 2 John 1:13 . See notes /Commentaries/PeoplesNewTestament/pnt.cgi?book=&chapter=000#_" 14. The friends. An uncommon title in the New Testament, where it is almost supplanted by the dearer title of "brethren" or the holier one of "saints."

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