PLUS Resource: 6 Prayers for When You Are Fighting Anxiety

James 3

SUMMARY.--Aspiring to Teachership. The Power of the Tongue. Its Untamable Nature. Its Contradictory Uses. Wisdom Shown in Its Proper Control. The Wisdom from Above Described.

      9-12. Therewith bless we God. Its opposite uses are shown. We use it to pray and to bless God, and, sometimes, the same tongue will be used to curse his creatures. James rebuked evils that he had observed. 10. Out of the same mouth. These utterly inconsistent things come out of the same mouth. 11. Doth a fountain. In nature such incongruity is not shown. A fountain does not give out two kinds of waters. 12. Can the fig tree. Neither does a tree bear two opposite kinds of fruits. Nor should the mouth bear blessing and cursing, good and evil.

      13-16. Who is a wise man? Discreet and well informed? It must be shown in conversation, that is, in life, both words and deeds, meekness of wisdom. True wisdom will not speak boastfully. 14. Glory not. If there is bitterness in the heart, let there be no boasting of your goodness. That would be to lie against the truth. 15. This wisdom. Wisdom (not real wisdom but false) which gives rise to envy and strife is not from heaven. It is earthly, of the passions, of the devil, not of God. 16. For where, etc. Where these exist in the heart every evil work will follow.

      17, 18. But the wisdom that is from above. The divine wisdom imparted by communion with God is put in contrast with the false, sensual wisdom named in verse 15 . It is first pure. The other is sensual; this is pure. Then peaceable. The other is full of strife, this seeks for peace. Gentle. Not too rigid and exacting. Easy to be entreated. Not obstinate, but capable of persuasion. Full of mercy. Not unforgiving and unkind. Good fruits. The other shows evil works; heavenly wisdom is full of good fruits. Without partiality. Not a respecter of persons. Without hypocrisy. Sincere. 18. The fruit of righteousness. This wisdom not only bears righteousness as a fruit but sows this fruit as seed to produce peace. Them that make peace. These sowers are peacemakers. See Matt. 5:9 . Sowing righteousness makes peace, because wrong is the fruitful mother of strife.

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