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Luke 22

SUMMARY.--The Rulers Take Steps to Slay the Lord. Judas Bargains to Betray Christ. The Passover Prepared. The Lord's Supper Instituted. The Traitor Pointed Out. Exhortation to the Apostles.

      36. But now. Now has come a time of trial when all will be against you. Let him . . . buy a sword. Not to be taken literally, but a striking way of saying that enemies upon every side will assail them.

      37. He was reckoned with transgressors. This, quoted from Isa. 53:12 , was about to be fulfilled in him.

      38. Here are two swords. How they come to be in their possession is not told. It is enough. This is a dismissal of the subject, not a warrant for their use. That was rebuked when Peter resorted to one ( Matt. 26:52-54 ).

      39-46. He went . . . unto the mount of Olives. See notes on Matt. 26:36-46, for the Agony in Gethsemane. Compare Mark 14:32-42 . Luke alone mentions that his sweat became as great drops of blood a fact that portrays, as language could not, the agony of our Lord's struggle.

      47-53. Behold, a multitude. For notes on the Betrayal and Seizure of Jesus, see Matt. 26:47-56. Compare Mark 14:43-52 and John 18:1-12 Mark 14:43-52 and John 18:1-12 .

      54-62. The Denial of Peter is recorded here, in Matt. 26:69-75 Mark 14:66-72 and John 18:15-27 Mark 14:66-72 and John 18:15-27 . See notes on Matthew's account.

      63-65. For notes on these indignities, see Matt. 26:67 and Mark 14:65 .

      66. As soon as it was day. The Lord had already been examined by Annas, and tried and condemned before Caiaphas in the night. To make it legal a meeting had to be held after daylight. See notes on Matt. 26:57-68. The assembly of the elders. The Sanhedrim. Led him into their council. Before the formal meeting of the body. This is the second time Jesus was before it and the second condemnation.

      67. Art thou the Christ? He had already answered in the night and been condemned ( Matt. 26:63, 64 ). His reply here is a protest.

      68-71. Art thou then the Son of God? To this he answered directly, and on this they condemned him. The charge was blasphemy in saying that he was the Son of God.

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