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Luke 23

SUMMARY.--Jesus Brought Before Pilate. Acquitted by Pilate. On the Clamor of Priests Sent to Herod. Silent Before Herod. Sent Again, Arrayed as a King, to Pilate. Examined a Second Time and No Fault Found. Barabbas Demanded Instead of Christ. Pilate Yields and Sends Jesus to Be Crucified. The Weeping of the Daughters of Jerusalem. Between Thieves. Mocked on the Cross. The Penitent Thief. The Death of Jesus. The Burial.

      47, 48. See notes on Matt. 27:54-56.

      50-56. On The Burial of Jesus, see notes on Matt. 27:57-61. Compare Mark 15:42-47 and John 19:36-42 Mark 15:42-47 and John 19:36-42 . A counsellor. A member of the Sanhedrim. Had not consented to their counsel. Neither Joseph nor Nicodemus could have been present when Jesus was condemned, and perhaps were not invited. That day was the preparation. For the Passover, see John 19:14 . This shows that the Jews had not yet eaten their passover.

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