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Luke 4

SUMMARY.--The Temptation. Teaching in the Synagogues. Jesus at Nazareth. Rejected by the Nazarenes. Jesus at Capernaum. The Unclean Spirit Cast Out. The Healing of the Mother-in-Law of Peter.

      22. Bare witness, and wondered. As he proceeded with his discourse. Is not this Joseph's son? They were astonished that Joseph's son, without rabbinical education, could speak with such power and knowledge.

      23, 24. Physician, heal thyself. This seems to have been answered to their whispered words and the thoughts he read in their hearts. They had heard of his fame in Capernaum, but they knew him as a poor young man, and his family was poor. "If he has such power as fame reports, let him better his own condition." He replied to their proverb with another, often verified, No prophet is acceptable in his own country.

      25-27. Many widows were in Israel. He points out that Elijah saved a Sidonian widow, and Elisha healed a Syrian leper, passing by Hebrews and healing Gentiles, and thus he points to the salvation of Gentiles by Christ. Sarepta. The same as Zarephatha, a town between Tyre and Sidon. See 1 Kings 17:9 1 Kings 17:10 . Naaman. See 2 Kings 5:14 .

      28-30. Were filled with wrath. They were so filled with bigotry that the suggestion of the salvation of the Gentiles was intolerable, and in their rage they sought to slay him. See Acts 2:22 , where a similar suggestion leads the Jews to seek Paul's death. Passing through the midst of them. With a majesty that overawed them.

      31. Came down to Capernaum. Nazareth was on the hills; Capernaum in the deep depression of the Sea of Galilee.

      33-37. In the synagogue was a man. See notes on Mark 1:21-27. Matthew omits this account.

      38, 39. Simon's wife's mother. See notes on Matt. 8:14-17. Compare Mark 1:29-34 .

      43. I must preach . . . in other cities. See notes on Matt. 4:23-25 and Mark 1:35-39.

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