2.2.8. Endnote References

This commentary draws from references which exist in both digital and traditional paper media. Citations to references in traditional book or article form typically make use of the page number to locate the citation. While this means of locating a citation is viable for books in print form and for some forms of digital media, many digital references do not support traditional pagination. Therefore, a different means of locating a citation is required. Moreover, even those references which currently exist in print may eventually be more readily available in digital format. Wherever possible, we have chosen to indicate the location of citations by Bible address (e.g., Rev. Rev. 12:10+) rather than page number. This is not possible in all cases—as when citing material from a nonbiblical source or which does not deal with the verse-by-verse treatment of the Bible text. It is our expectation that over time this approach will prove to be more digital-friendly for the use of this work in conjunction with other study aids in electronic format.