2.5. Master Imitator

In keeping with his title of “Antichrist,” he will be an imitator of Christ (e.g., the object of worship, worldwide dominion, a throne). This tendency to imitate must be seen as an indicator of his Satanic empowerment (Dan. Dan. 8:24; 2Th. 2Th. 2:9; Rev. Rev. 13:2+). Pink masterfully contrasts Christ and Satan providing an indication of the extent of the devil’s tendency toward imitation.

Do we read of Christ going forth to sow the ‘good seed’ (Mtt. Mat. 13:24), then we also read of the enemy going forth to sow his ‘tares’ - an imitation wheat (Mtt. Mat. 13:25). Do we read of ‘the children of God,’ then we also read of ‘the children of the wicked one’ (Mtt. Mat. 13:38). Do we read of God working in His children ‘both to will and to do of His good pleasure’ (Php. Php. 2:13), then we are also told that the Prince of the power of the air is ‘the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience’ (Eph. Eph. 2:2). Do we read of the Gospel of God, then we also read that Satan has a gospel - ‘Another gospel, which is not another’ (Gal. Gal. 1:6, Gal. 1:7). Did Christ appoint ‘apostles,’ then Satan has his apostles too (2Cor. 2Cor. 11:13). Are we told that ‘the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God’ (1Cor. 1Cor. 2:10), then Satan also provides his ‘deep things’ (see Greek of Rev. Rev. 2:24+). Are we told that God, by His angel, will ‘seal’ His servants in their foreheads (Rev. Rev. 7:3+), so also we read that Satan, by his angels, will set a mark in the foreheads of his devotees (Rev. Rev. 13:16+). Does the Father seek ‘worshippers’ (John John 4:23), so also does Satan (Rev. Rev. 13:4+). Did Christ quote scripture, so also did Satan (Mtt. Mat. 4:6). Is Christ the Light of the world, then Satan also is transformed as an ‘angel of light’ (2Cor. 2Cor. 11:14). Is Christ denominated ‘the Lion of the tribe of Judah’ (Rev. Rev. 5:5+), then the Devil is also referred to as ‘a roaring lion’ (1Pe. 1Pe. 5:6). Do we read of Christ and ‘His angels’ (Mtt. Mat. 24:31), then we also read of the Devil and ‘his angels’ (Mtt. Mat. 25:41). Did Christ work miracles, so also will Satan (2Th. 2Th. 2:9). Is Christ seated upon a ‘Throne,’ so also will Satan be (Rev. Rev. 2:13+, Gk.). Has Christ a Church, then Satan has his ‘synagogue’ (Rev. Rev. 2:9+). Has Christ a ‘bride,’ then Satan has his ‘whore’ (Rev. Rev. 17:16+). Has God His ‘Vine,’ so has Satan (Rev. Rev. 14:19+). Does God have a city, the new Jerusalem, then Satan has a city, Babylon (Rev. Rev. 17:5+; Rev. 18:2+). Is there a ‘mystery of godliness’ (1Ti. 1Ti. 3:16), so also there is a ‘mystery of iniquity’ (2Th. 2Th. 2:7). Does God have an only-begotten Son, so we read of ‘the Son of Perdition’ (2Th. 2Th. 2:3). Is Christ called ‘the Seed of the woman,’ then the Antichrist will be ‘the seed of the serpent’ (Gen. Gen. 3:15). Is the Son of God also the Son of Man, then the son of Satan will also be the ‘Man of Sin’ (2Th. 2Th. 2:3). Is there a Holy Trinity, then there is also an Evil Trinity (Rev. Rev. 20:10+).1

The Antichrist occupies the role of “the son” in the ultimate mimic, the so-called “unholy trinity.”

Is there a Holy Trinity, then there is also an Evil Trinity (Rev. Rev. 20:10+). In this Trinity of Evil Satan himself is supreme, just as in the Blessed Trinity the Father is (governmentally) supreme: note that Satan is several times referred to as a father (John John 8:44, etc.). Unto his son, the Antichrist, Satan gives his authority and power to represent and act for him (Rev. Rev. 13:4+) just as God the Son received “all power in heaven and earth” from His Father, and uses it for His glory. The Dragon (Satan) and the Beast (Antichrist) are accompanied by a third, the False Prophet, and just as the third person in the Holy Trinity, the Spirit, bears witness to the person and work of Christ and glorifies Him, so shall the third person in the Evil Trinity bear witness to the person and work of the Antichrist and glorify him (see Rev. Rev. 13:11-14+).2


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