Psalm 115:14



Verse 14. The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Just as in Egypt he multiplied the people exceedingly, so will he increase the number of his saints upon the earth; not only shall the faithful be blessed with converts, and so with a spiritual seed; but those who are their spiritual children shall become fruitful also, and thus the multitude of the elect shall be accomplished; God shall increase the people, and shall increase the joy. Even to the end of the ages the race of true believers shall be continued, and shall increasingly multiply in number and in power. The first blessing upon mankind was, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth"; and it is this blessing which God now pronounces upon them that fear him. Despite the idols of philosophy and sacramentarianism, the truth shall gather its disciples, and fill the land with its defenders.



Verse 14. The LORD shall increase you, etc. This is expressive of the further and increasing blessing of Jehovah on his Israel, upon his ministers, and upon the whole church. They are to be increased in light and knowledge, in gifts and graces, in faith and utterance, in numbers and multitude. Samuel Eyles Pierce.

Verse 14. The Lord will heap his blessings upon you, Upon you and your children. William Green, in "A New Translation of the Psalms," 1762.



Verse 14.

  1. Gracious increase -- in knowledge, love, power, holiness, usefulness, etc.
  2. Growing increase -- we grow faster, and advance not only more, but more and more.
  3. Relative increase -- our children grow in grace through our example, etc.

Verse 14. The blessings of God are,

  1. Ever flowing "more and more."
  2. Over flowing -- "you and your children." Let parents seek more grace for themselves for the sake of their children.
    1. That they may be more influenced by their example.
    2. That their prayers may be more prevalent on their behalf.
    3. That their children may be more blessed for their sakes. G. R.