Psalm 115:9



Verse 9. O Israel, trust thou in the LORD. Whatever others do, let the elect of heaven keep fast to the God who chose them. Jehovah is the God of Jacob, let his children prove their loyalty to their God by their confidence in him. Whatever our trouble may be, and however fierce the blasphemous language of our enemies, let us not fear nor falter, but confidently rest in him who is able to vindicate his own honour, and protect his own servants.

He is their help and their shield. He is the friend of his servants, both actively and passively, giving them both aid in labour and defence in danger. In the use of the pronoun "their," the Psalmist may have spoken to himself, in a sort of soliloquy: he had given the exhortation, "trust in Jehovah," and then he whispers to himself, "They may well do so, for he is at all times the strength and security of his servants."



Verse 9. He is their help. We should rather have expected, "Our help and our shield," &c. But the burden thrice introduced, appears to be a well known formula of praise. "Their," i.e., "of all who trust in him." The verses contain a climax:

  1. Israel in general is addressed;
  2. the priests or ministers of God's service;
  3. the true Israelites; not only chosen out of all people, or out of the chosen people for outward service; but serving God in sincerity of heart. Speaker's Commentary.



Verse 9. The living God claims spiritual worship; the life of such worship is faith; faith proves God to be a living reality -- "He is their help," etc. Only elect Israel will ever render this living worship.

Verse 9-11.

  1. The reproof. "O Israel!" "O house of Aaron!" "Ye who fear the Lord." Have you been unbelieving towards your God?
  2. The correction or admonition. "Trust in the Lord," Have you trusted in the true God as others have in their false gods?
  3. The instruction. "He is their help," etc. Let churches, ministers, and all who fear God know that at all times and under all circumstances he is their help and their shield. G. R.