Psalm 141:10



Verse 10. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape. It may not be a Christian prayer, but it is a very just one, and it takes a great deal of grace to refrain from crying Amen to it; in fact, grace does not work towards making us wish otherwise concerning the enemies of holy men. Do we not all wish the innocent to be delivered, and the guilty to reap the result of their own malice? Of course we do, if we are just men. There can be no wrong in desiring that to happen in our own case which we wish for all good men. Yet is there a more excellent way.



Verse 10. Into their own nets. The word rendered "nets" occurs only in this place, as the closely corresponding word in Psalms 140:10 , which is rendered "deep pits", occurs there only. --Speaker's Commentary.