Psalm 18:16



Verse 4-19. See Psalms on "Psalms 18:4" for further information.

Verse 16. Now comes the rescue. The Author is divine, He sent; the work is heavenly, from above; the deliverance is marvellous, He drew me out of many waters. Here David was like another Moses, drawn from the water; and thus are all believers like their Lord, whose baptism in many waters of agony and in his own blood has redeemed us from the wrath to come. Torrents of evil shall not drown the man whose God sitteth upon the floods to restrain their fury.



Verse 8-19. See Psalms on "Psalms 18:8" for further information.

Verse 16. He sent from above, etc. He "sent" angels, or assistance otherwise. Matthew Poole.

Verse 16. He took. God's grasp cannot be broken. None can pluck his chosen out of his hand. William S. Plumer.

Verse 16. Drew me out of many waters. This hath reference to Moses' case, who was "drawn out of the water," and thereupon called Mosheh ( Exodus 2:10 ); that word Mashah is used here by David, and nowhere else in Scripture. "Waters," signify troubles, and sometimes multitudes of people. H. Ainsworth.



Verse 16. The Christian, like Moses, "one taken out of the water." The whole verse a noble subject; may be illustrated by life of Moses.