Psalm 21:2



Thou hast given him his heart's desire. That desire he ardently pursued when he was on earth, both by his prayer, his actions, and his suffering; he manifested that his heart longed to redeem his people, and now in heaven he has his desire granted him, for he sees his beloved coming to be with him where he is. The desires of the Lord Jesus were from his heart, and the Lord heard them; if our hearts are right with God, he will in our case also "fulfil the desires of them that fear him."

And hast not withholden the request of his lips. What is in the well of the heart is sure to come up in the bucket of the lips, and those are the only true prayers where the heart's desire is first, and the lip's request follows after. Jesus prayed vocally as well as mentally; speech is a great assistance to thought. Some of us feel that even when alone we find it easier to collect our thoughts when we can pray aloud. The requests of the Saviour were not withheld. He was and still is a prevailing Pleader. Our Advocate on high returns not empty from the throne of grace. He asked for his elect in the eternal council chamber, he asked for blessings for them here, he asked for glory for them hereafter, and his requests have speeded. He is ready to ask for us at the mercyseat. Have we not at this hour some desire to send up to his Father by him? Let us not be slack to use our willing, loving, all prevailing Intercessor.

Selah. Here a pause is very properly inserted that we may admire the blessed success of the king's prayers, and that we may prepare our own requests which may be presented through him. If we had a few more quiet rests, a few more Selahs in our public worship, it might be profitable.



Verse 2. Thou hast given him the desire of his soul. He desired to eat the passover, and to lay down his life when he would, and again when he would to take it; and thou hast given it to him. And hast not deprived him of the good pleasure of his lips. "My peace," saith he, "I leave with you;" and it was done. Augustine, in loc.

Verse 2. (first clause). Good men are sure to have out their prayers either in money, or in money's worth, as they say -- in that very thing, or a better. John Trapp.

Verse 2. Selah. See pages 25,29,38,345.



Verse 1-2. The doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus Christ contained in the text, may be considered under three heads:

Verse 2. The successful Advocate.