Psalm 22:31



Verse 31. They shall come. Sovereign grace shall bring out from among men the blood bought ones. Nothing shall thwart the divine purpose. The chosen shall come to life, to faith, to pardon, to heaven. In this the dying Saviour finds a sacred satisfaction. Toiling servant of God, be glad at the thought that the eternal purpose of God shall suffer neither let nor hindrance.

And shall declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born. None of the people who shall be brought to God by the irresistible attractions of the cross shall be dumb, they shall be able to tell forth the righteousness of the Lord, so that future generations shall know the truth. Fathers shall teach their sons, who shall hand it down to their children; the burden of the story always being that he hath done this, or, that "It is finished." Salvation's glorious work is done, there is peace on earth, and glory in the highest. "It is finished", these were the expiring words of the Lord Jesus, as they are the last words of this Psalm. May we by living faith be enabled to see our salvation finished by the death of Jesus!



Verse 31. And shall declare his righteousness. The occupation of the seed is to "declare", to testify from their own experience, from their own knowledge and convictions, that grand subject, theme, or lesson, which they have learned... They will declare the righteousness of God the Holy Ghost in his convictions of sin, in his reproofs of conscience, in his forsaking of the impenitent, and in his abiding with the believer. And in a special manner, they will declare the righteousness of God the Son, during his human life, in his sufferings, and death, as man's surety, by which he "magnified the law, and made it honourable" ( Isaiah 42:21 ), and on account of which they are able to address him by this name, "The Lord our Righteousness." ( Jeremiah 23:6 .) John Stevenson.

Verse 31. A people that shall be born. What is this? What people is there that is not born? According to my apprehensions I think this is said for this reason -- because the people of other kings are formed by laws, by customs, and by manners; by which, however, you can never move a man to true righteousness: it is only a fable of righteousness, and a mere theatrical scene or representation. For even the law of Moses could form the people of the Jews unto nothing but unto hypocrisy. But the people of this King are not formed by laws to make up an external appearance, but they are begotten by water and by the Spirit unto a new creature of truth. Martin Luther.



Verse 31. Future prospects for the church.

  1. Conversions certain.
  2. Preachers promised.
  3. Succeeding generations blest.
  4. Gospel published.
  5. Christ exalted.