Psalm 24:10



Verse 10. The closing note is inexpressibly grand. Jehovah of hosts, Lord of men and angels, Lord of the universe, Lord of the worlds, is the King of glory. All true glory is concentrated upon the true God, for all other glory is but a passing pageant, the painted pomp of an hour. The ascended Saviour is here declared to be the Head and Crown of the universe, the King of Glory. Our Immanuel is hymned in most sublime strains. Jesus of Nazareth is Jehovah Sabaoth.



Verse 7-10. See Psalms on "Psalms 24:7" for further information.

Verse 7-10. -- See Psalms on "Psalms 24:7" for further information.

Verse 10 "Jehovah of hosts," or, as the Hebrew is, Jehovah Tsebaoth, for so the word is used by the apostles, untranslated in the Greek, Sabaoth Romans 9:29 . It signifieth hosts or armies standing ready in martial order, and in battle array, and comprehend all creatures in heaven and in earth, which are pressed to do the will of God. Henry Ainsworth.



Verse 7-10. --

  1. His title -- the Lord of hosts.
  2. His victories, implied in the expression. The Lord strong and mighty in battle.
  3. His mediatorial title, The King of glory.
  4. His authoritative entrance into the holy place.

John Newton's "Messiah."

Verse 10. The sovereignty and glory of God in Christ.