Psalm 78:15



Verse 15. He clave the rocks in the wilderness. Moses was the instrument, but the Lord did it all. Twice he made the flint a gushing rill. What can he not do?

And gave them drink as out of the great depths, -- as though it gushed from earth's innermost reservoirs. The streams were so fresh, so copious, so constant, that they seemed to well up from the earth's primeval fountains, and to leap at once from "the deep which coucheth beneath." Here was a divine supply for Israel's urgent need, and such an one as ought to have held them for ever in unwavering fidelity to their wonder working God.



Verse 15. The rocks. They were typical of Christ, 1 Corinthians 10:4 ; who is frequently compared to one for height, strength, and duration, shade, shelter, and protection; and is called the "Rock of Israel," the "Rock of offence to both houses of Israel," the "Rock of salvation," the "Rock of refuge," the "Rock of strength," the "Rock that is higher than," the saints, and on which the church is built, and who is "the shadow of a great rock in a weary land." John Gill.

Verse 15. Gave them drink as out of the great depths. As if he had formed a lake or an ocean, furnishing an inexhaustible supply. Albert Barnes.



Verse 12-16. God revealed in his deeds. The wonder working God -- Psalms 78:12-16 . The avenging God -- Psalms 78:12 . The interposing God -- Psalms 78:13 . The guiding God -- Ps 78:14. The Father God -- Psalms 78:14-16 . C. D.

Verse 12-17. Obstinacy of unbelief. It makes head against God's majesty -- Psalms 78:17 ; his gracious providence -- Psalms 78:14-16 ; his interposing care -- Psalms 78:13 ; his avenging justice -- Psalms 78:12 ; his distinguishing grace -- Psalms 78:12-16 . C. D.

Verse 12-17. Prodigies cannot convert the soul. Luke 16:31 . C. D.

Verse 15-16. Divine supplies seasonable, plentiful, of the best, marvellous.