Psalm 78:70



Verse 70. He chose David also his servant. It was an election of a sovereignly gracious kind, and it operated practically by making the chosen man a willing servant of the Lord. He was not chosen because he was a servant, but in order that he might be so. David always esteemed it to be a high honour that he was both elect of God, and a servant of God.

And took him from the sheepfolds. A shepherd of sheep he had been, and this was a fit school for a shepherd of men. Lowliness of occupation will debar no man from such honours as the Lord's election confers, the Lord seeth not as man seeth. He delights to bless those who are of low estate.



Verse 70. He took him from the sheepfolds. The art of feeding cattle, and the art of ruling men are sisters, saith Basil. John Trapp.



Verse 59-72.

  1. A gloomy sunset, Psalms 78:59-60 .
  2. A baleful might, Psalms 78:60-64 .
  3. A blessed sunrise, Psalms 78:65-72 . C. D.

Verse 70-71.

  1. David's calling. Two questions present themselves.
  2. How was David's shepherd life an unconscious preparation for his calling?
  3. How did the divine summons, when it came, fit him for his mighty destiny?

Observe -- he was sent back to his flocks. Nothing could train him more perfectly than that waiting. Two great convictions awakened in him then, that formed in him elements of strength.

  1. The belief in a divine leader (see Psalms 23:1-6 ).
  2. The belief in a divine choice.
  3. Its modern lessons.
    1. There is a divine plan in every life.
    2. There is a divine vocation for every man.
    3. There is a divine Shepherd for every man. E. L. Hull.

Verse 70-72. Spiritual promotions.

  1. Analogies between lower and higher service, Psalms 78:71 .
  2. Humbler work, a preparation for higher, Psalms 78:71-72 .
  3. Promotion the act of the Divine will, Psalms 78:70-71 .
  4. Our powers shall be equal to the position to which God promotes us.