Psalm 81:11



Verse 11. But my people would not hearken to my voice. His warnings were rejected, his promises forgotten, his precepts disregarded. Though the divine voice proposed nothing but good to them, and that upon an unparalleled scale of liberality, yet they turned aside.

And Israel would none of me. They would not consent to his proposals, they walked in direct opposition to his commands, they hankered after the ox god of Egypt, and their hearts were bewitched by the idols of the nations round about. The same spirit of apostacy is in all our hearts, and if we have not altogether turned aside from the Lord, it is only grace which has prevented us.



Verse 11. My people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me. Know, sinner, that if at last thou missest heaven, which, God forbid! the Lord can wash his hands over your head, and clear himself of your blood: thy damnation will be laid at thine own door: it will then appear there was no cheat in the promise, no sophistry in the gospel, but thou didst voluntarily put eternal life from thee, whatever thy lying lips uttered to the contrary: My people would have none of me. So that, when the jury shall sit on thy murdered soul, to inquire how thou camest to thy miserable end, thou wilt be found guilty of thy own damnation. No one loseth God, but he that is willing to part with him. William Gurnall.

Verse 11. And Israel would none of me. It is added, and Israel would none of me, more closely, was not borne to me by a natural bent. For this is the original force of the word hka, as it still survives in Job 9, where it is used of the ships borne outward by a favourable wind and tide. Venema.

Verse 11. Israel would none of me. That is, would not be content alone with me, would not take quiet contentment in me (as the Hebrew word signifies); the Lord was not good enough for them, but their hearts went out from him to other things. Thomas Sheppard, 1605-1649.



Verse 8,11,13. The command, the disobedience, the regret.

Verse 11.

  1. Who? "Israel," the chosen, instructed and favoured
  2. What? "would none of me," my law, promises, calls,
    worship, etc.
  3. Of whom? "Of ME," their God, good, kind, loving, etc.

Verse 11,12.

  1. The sin of Israel. They would not hearken. The mouth is
    opened in attentive hearing: open thy mouth wide;
    but my people, etc. Their sin was greatly aggravated.
    1. By what God had done for them.
    2. By the gods they had preferred to him.
    3. The punishment.
    4. Its greatness: I gave them up, etc.
    5. Its justice: They would none of me. G. R.