Psalm 89:44



Verse 44. Thou hast made his glory to cease. The brightness of his reign and the prosperity of his house are gone, his fame is tarnished, his honour disgraced.

And cast his throne down to the ground. He has lost his power to govern at home or to conquer abroad. This happened to kings of David's line, and, more grievous to tell, it is happening in these days to the visible kingdom of the Lord Jesus. Where are the glories of Pentecost? Where is the majesty of the Reformation? Where does his kingdom come among the sons of men? Woe is unto us, for the glory has departed, and the gospel throne of Jesus is hidden from our eyes!



Verse 44-45. --

  1. A prophecy that the Messiah would be meek and lowly. "Made his glory to cease."
  2. Would become a servant to the Father. "Cast his throne down", etc.
  3. Would be cut off in the midst of his days. "The days of his youth", etc.
  4. That he would die an ignominious death. "Hast covered him", etc.