1 Kings 1:45

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Kings 1:45  (King James Version)
And Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet have anointed him king in Gihon: and they are come up from thence rejoicing, so that the city rang again. This is the noise that ye have heard.

This was a fountain on the west of Jerusalem, (consequently in an opposite direction to En-rogel on the east, where Adonijah was proclaimed king,) of which there were two pools, an upper and a lower
( 2 Chronicles 32:30 .) There is a large square cistern in the ravine west of the city, mentioned by Dr. Richardson as a little to the south of the Jaffa gate, which Dr. Pococke describes as a basin about 250 ; paces long and 100 ; broad. It is commonly called the pool of Bathsheba, but seems to be the lower pool of Gihon
"Nearly a mile to the N.N.W. is the pool of Gihon, which I suppose to be the upper pool. It is a very large basin, and, if I mistake not, is cut down about ten feet into the rock, there being a way down to it by steps. It was almost dry at that time, and seems designed to receive the rain waters which come from the hills about it. There is a canal from the pool to the city, which is uncovered part of the way, and, it is said, goes to the pool in the streets near the holy sepulchre. The fountain of Gihon arose either in the upper pool, or out of the high ground above it."--Travels, book i
ch. 6.

the city
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This is
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